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Spotlight on Texture

The use of physical texture in a work of art to create depth of form and meaning is nothing new but has recently become more widespread, with many artists taking the technique in their own unique directions. Richly textured works of this kind can add a pop of avant garde interest to any decorating scheme, while the infinite variations within the surface of the paint itself create treasures that can be pondered over and admired for a lifetime.


Mario Jung creates works out of extreme impasto that blur the line between sculpture and painting. Through a painstaking process of layering Jung creates fanciful landscapes in blazing colors. On account of the thickness of the paint he uses, Jung's work can take up to three months to completely dry.

Mario Jung ,"Stay Golden" 36x36 detail


Frauke Klatt is a master of the mixed medium. Painting on sailcloth, in itself a richly textured and meaningful material, Klatt’s love of the tactility of sailing is brought to the fore. Through the mixing of sand in with her paints she creates nautical paintings that embrace everything about the salt, the sand, and the sea that inspire her.

detail Frauke Klatt "Bei Null Uber die Linie" 40x40 detail


Nuria Miro pairs richly detailed and traditional backgrounds with simplified sculptural figures in joyful and colorful groupings. Her work is as whimsical as it is skillful and the soft, almost liquid, appearance of her figures add an element of play.

Nuria Miro "Setting Sail" 36x36 detail

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