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William Hobbs

"For as long as I can remember back through my childhood, I have always been a partially aquatic / partially arboreal creature.  If not swimming or wading through streams, falls, or surf, I could be found climbing up high through the trees.   In many ways, my heart will always reside in such places, and when not there in reality, I explore these wonders in my art." - William Hobbs

William Hobbs describes himself as a member of a modern Hudson River school, seeking a return to nature for inspiration. Like those like-minded artists of the mid-19th century that preceded him, Hobbs taps into themes of exploration and discovery, viewing the world through a lens of awe at Nature's power. He takes his inspiration from his regular plein air sketch sessions and his regular hikes and walks through nature across the country.

"Convergence" 36x60

With a background in biology, Hobbs approaches his art with a scientific attention to detail and a clear love and enthusiasm for the myriad wonders of the natural world. His deep understanding of the "whys" of the natural world shines through clearly in his pieces; the optical effect of light refracting through water, or the exact way a branch grows crooked due to years of high winds. Indeed, Hobbs writes that painting is, for him, a way of continuing his scientific study of the natural world, a process that allows for more depth of understanding than study alone.

"Colors of Dawn" 20x30

In the beginning of his career, Hobbs experimented with many different media before finally settling on the traditional process of oil on canvas. His works often start with several sketches done from life. He then uses a camera to capture texture and color in a more in-depth way. Preferring to paint quite large, and due to the exacting nature of his works, he then takes these preliminary sketches and photographs with him to the studio. In the studio the sketches and photographs are transposed into a finished composition which is then painstakingly developed, layer by layer, into a final work.

"Early Clearing" 30x30

The majority of Hobbs' work is focused around moving water; the ebb and flow of the tide almost allegorical to the ebb and flow of life. The intense detail of his works and the powerful energy of his composition makes Hobbs' work a treasured part of many private and corporate collections.

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