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Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell is one of those rare people who come along once in every generation or so. A true Renaissance man he is completely self-taught, capturing his luxuriant still lives through observation and, perhaps, the channeling of the ghost of Caravaggio.

Growing up, Sean had no idea it was possible to make a living off of art, thinking of art as pure creation. His family encouraged his creativity and self-sufficiency but he never considered pursuing art as a career. He went into advertising instead, putting away every penny he made until finally, about twenty years ago, he quit his job and traveled to Italy.

"The Peach Harvest"

Italy became the spiritual muse for Sean's work. Not just the history but the landscape, the quality of light, and the local approach to living sparked his creative spirit. He spent several years traveling through Europe observing the landscape, visiting museums, and painting nearly constantly. Like the great masters before him, Sean's style is intimately attached to place, influenced by the light and the natural world. It is both this sense of place and the studied techniques of the likes of Caravaggio and Rembrandt that make his pieces so of the moment and also so timeless.

"Bearded Irises"

Painting is as much an intellectual process as a creative one for Sean. He is driven by the constant need to improve his craft, to study more, research in more depth, hone the process to perfection. He says that

"I try to take away elements of great works that I find useful and incorporate those elements into advancing a vision for my own work. I take away and work at what appeals to me and leave out the rest. I think somehow this has made my work unique in the sense that I do not try to paint as I've has been instructed by another, but only as I've been instructed by my own image of what makes a great painting. I am still learning."

It is this constant pursuit of perfection that gives his work such dynamism and his nods to art history and local italian landmarks make every piece of his a jewel that one will never get tired of examining.

"Wine, Cheese, Strawberries"

He has been awarded a lifetime membership to The Northeast CT Artist Guild and has been given the highest award the Copley Society offers; Since the late 1800’s fewer than 80 artists have received this award from the oldest non-profit gallery in the country.

He has also been awarded achievement as a Copley Master, the highest level one can achieve, and he has received 3 Copley Patrons Choice awards in all 3 of their Patron choice exhibits. The Florence Biennale in Florence, Italy has offered him a lifetime invitation to participate in their exhibitions: The Slater Museum in Norwich, Connecticut has exhibited and awarded his work. In addition, he has been published in American Art Magazine.

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