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Deliberate Meditation - The Work of Laura Browning

"Each piece is directly inspired by a particular experience and is for me a vivid memory of the moment of inspiration, typically an idyllic sunny summer day. I feel the most alive when exploring new places, and as a result, my work is a direct reflection of the moments when life is at its best." - Laura Browning

How to capture the emotion of a bright summer's day on the water? The work of California-based artist Laura Browning attempts to do just that. Inspired by the clear blues and crystalline waters of the Pacific coast, her works embrace the movement and beauty of light on the water. Built-up painstakingly through the layering of thin layers of oil-based pigment Laura's works capture the luminosity and reflectivity of the waters' surface while inviting the viewer to gaze deeper into the depths.

"Salty Air" (30x48)

There is something innate that ties humans to the water, something universally meditative about watching the movement of the sea. Laura's works capture the feeling of the ebb and flow of the tides, so similar to the ebb and flow of life itself, inviting endless hours of introspection and meditation.

"Flash of Blue" (16x16) "Surfacing" (48x48) "Before You Go" (16x16)

Environmentally conscious, Laura paints with eco friendly pigments and solvents in an effort to keep the carbon footprint of her works as small as possible. This conscientiousness ties her works even closer to nature and makes each part of the process a deliberate meditation on the natural world.

"Surface" (12x16)

Laura is a graduate of California State University Long Beach, which is located along one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in southern California. Undoubtedly inspired by the Pacific coast, along which she lives to this day, Laura also claims travel as among her biggest inspirations. Exploring new places and new bodies of water is important to her process.

Laura has taught workshops at the Los Angeles Museum of art and interned at the Guggenheim in Venice. Her works are widely collected and sought after by connoisseurs and she is represented by several galleries across the United States. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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