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Christy Marinelli

An accomplished painter in many styles Christy Marinelli hails from Southern California. After creating her first work on canvas in 1992 Christy fell in love with art and with the process of creation, harboring a drive to paint that has endured throughout her life. Her practical nature, however, lead her to pursue a degree in computer graphics from Cal State. Even at her most practical the drive to create was undeniable. After university Marinelli spent much of her time at the Art Center in Pasadena, where she took continuing education classes in oil painting and the decorative arts. While she never thought she would be able to pursue art as a career, Marinelli made the move to Rhode Island in 2004 where she attended the Rhode Island School of Design, ultimately achieving a certificate in painting.

Red Sail at Dawn - 12x24

Marinelli studied under the infamous pastoral painter Thomas Kinkade, himself a native Californian, and it was during this time that she began to develop her distinctive blend of realism and fantasy. Christy works in many styles and with many subjects, from animals to boats to hyperrealistic paintings of food, but her distinctive approach shines through in every genre. She is known for the brightness of her images, the saturation of the colors she uses and the almost graphic quality of her linework. Her work has a cheerful, bold, and almost pop feeling which endears her to collectors of all stripes.

Blue Rowboat - 4x5 Green Rowing Skiff - 4x5 Pink Catboat - 4x5

Christy maintains that though her career as a professional artist is the conclusion to a wild dream, she will never stop learning and perfecting her craft. It is this intellectual curiosity and wide-eyed approach to the technique of painting itself which makes Ms Marinelli an artist whose work is larger than life.

Currently working from a studio outside of Boston, Marinelli's work is the beloved cornerstone of many collections worldwide.

Pink and Green Catboat - 12x36 Teal Catboat - 12x36 Scarlett Catboat - 12x36

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