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Matthew Jay Russell

Born in a picturesque rural farm town nestled in upstate New York, Russell's innate sense of creativity and unwavering appreciation for the beauty of nature was cultivated from the earliest moments of his childhood. Embracing his nomadic spirit, he meanders between the stunning New England coast and the Adirondack region, embarking on breathtaking hikes, capturing mesmerizing photographs, and perpetually discovering fresh wellsprings of inspiration for his wondrous landscape creations. 

Emanating an ethereal and atmospheric quality, Russell's artwork possesses an enchanting allure, as he expertly focuses on the delicate yet profound instances of natural phenomena that often go unnoticed. With an unwavering ambition, he endeavors to transmute his myriad of travels and his finely honed perception of nature's marvels into their most harmonious and serene form on canvas. It is in his peacefully captivating landscapes that he succeeds in capturing those fleeting moments and spaces that seem to exist solely within the realm of dreams, leaving the viewer with an otherworldly sense of awe and wonder.

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