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Born in 1959 in Montreal, Francis Lipari’s background and career in graphic design and advertising had great influence on his work. Pure lines, richness in colours and blends and a minimalist approach are all significant in his choice of subjects and image compositions. Largely influenced by his love of nature, his subjects are carefully chosen and presented in their purest form in a setting devoid of any clutter, thus evoking a sensation of peace and serenity.
Broad strokes of acrylics, multi-layers, subtle hues and blends create depth in his work while the main feature is highlighted by a signature mark of realism giving it all the focus and attention it merits. When looking at his work, F.LIPARI wants you to feel the mood and be transported into his world.

Published in the prestigious Maine Home and Design magazine in a feature article on a home design by reknowned designer Louise Hurlbutt from Kennebunck Port ME. "Neighbours" was chosen as a center piece for a living room and later sold to a reader from The Hamptons.

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