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My profession as a visual artist began after spending the first half of my life training for a career in opera and the performing arts. The transition from musician to artist was seamless, as I have discovered that being an artist is very much like being a solo performer but without a live audience.

In some obscure sense, music still plays an integral role in my work. But a more significant and obvious component is humor. My life and family revolve around all things comedic, so it is only natural I approach my paintings in the same manner. Dogs found their way onto my canvas simply because they amuse me. What appears to us as goofiness in dogs is more likely their ability to enjoy the moment. This trait is my inspiration and motivation. These animals have become my voice and my stage, providing me with a subject I thoroughly enjoy. They allow me, and hopefully the viewer, to enjoy the moment; to laugh at an image and possibly at ourselves.

My work is not only humorous and a bit surreal but also narrative. I don't consider myself as much an artist as I do a visual story teller. I am interested in deviating from the, often seen, dog portraiture in an attempt to tell a story that may not necessarily be about a dog.

But, very often an artist's intent and meaning are not easily recognized. As the audience, you are invited to observe and create your own interpretation. My goal is to entertain you by taking you on a visual and mental journey. But often where you end up will be an altogether different place than what was intended.

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