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​Howard Birchmore is a painter who spends much of his time in waterside locations both in the UK and the Mediterranean. His talent was first spotted at the age of eight and, by the age of twelve, he had completed his first commission. Birchmore is a prolific painter who exhibits in Europe,  renowned for his treatment of light on water.


When Birchmore paints he wants the picture to strike a chord with the viewer. He wants to evoke that initial feeling as you step out onto the beach, or a secluded bit of coastline, and feel the fresh breeze on your face, the sun on your skin and the sand under your feet. Birchmore wants to paint pictures that give the viewer that fresh impact that one might experience in that first view of a stunning vista, such as the approach to the Grand Canal and the Salute in Venice. Light in his pictures is very important, whether it is capturing the intensity of the Mediterranean light or the play of light and shade on the seas around the coasts of Great Britain. His style of landscape painting creates modern yet familiar images bathed in swathes of light.

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