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Frederick Kubitz is a professional oil and watercolorist who paints in a bold, vigorous personal style. He invites the viewer to look into his world and observe his impressions of traditional New England subjects. He displays in his paintings and imaginative use of natural light that translates into a luminescent quality. His compositions are dramatic and create an emotional mood. By the use of fresh colors, glazes and precise brush strokes, he shows virtuosity and mastery of his chosen mediums, painting realistically to communicate visually what is on his mind.


The theme of Mr. Kubitz's paintings covers a wide range of topics. He feels it is essential to the painting process to work on location; to extract the essence of a scene while “on the spot” and later develop these studies into major paintings in his studio. His formal training as an architect is evident, and his knowledge of structure and keen eye for detail reinforces the elements in his compositions.


Mr. Kubitz is especially interested in painting scenes of Boston and its historic places. As the recipient of many prizes and awards attesting to its excellence, Mr. Kubitz’s work is found in many important corporate as well as private collections.

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