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Born in Colombia, Carlos began his training at the Academia Superior de Arte and Bellas Artes in Colombia. He moved to the US in 1965 to further his education at the Paier College of Art in Connecticut. Soon after, due to his talent and eager ambitions, Carlos quickly established a following of admirers who acknowledged his genuine gift of recognizing and recording fleeting moments.


Carlos works in oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors. His style and taste is eclectic, ranging from impressionistic to contemporary. He is constantly experimenting and creating new works, as well as researching and developing new materials, media and ideas to use in the creation of new pieces. It is refreshing in an age of specialization to find an individual who, in pursuit of his art, refuses classification and the ensuing enslavement to one particular style. 


Rio's work is internationally know. His original paintings and prints are in collections and exhibits throughout the world. examples of his work can be found in many foreign embassies.


Carlos Rios now lives with his family in Milford, Connecticut where he and his wife have resided for over 30 years.

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