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Neil McAuliffe

"I always wanted to be an artist. I was pretty determined that that was going to happen somehow"- Neil McAuliffe

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Neil McAuliffe always knew he wanted to be an artist. In his youth he recalls being struck by the character of the old buildings and quaint village roads that were slowly being replaced and built over; he longed to capture these old things that make New England unique. Overtime Neil's work took on a romantic realism that he continues to embrace to this day, a sunny, pleasant world that is at once a look back at the past and removed from it.

"Garden View" 18x36

Neil studied illustration at the Massachusetts College of Art before returning home to the cape and taking up the life of an artist full time. He transitioned away from pen and ink and watercolors and toward oil paints around fifteen years ago, teaching himself the ins and outs of the medium which ne now uses exclusively. His style is soft and recognizable, a storybook like feel to it undoubtedly influenced by his time studying illustration. He writes that he wants to produce something realistic but retain some of the beauty of the medium - his works strive to look like paintings. It is precisely this painterly approach which endears him to so many collectors.

"Waterfront Reflections" 24x36

In 1991 Neil was commissioned to paint images of famous New England sights including Augusta National Golf Course, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Harvard University and the villages of Hyannisport and Osterville. The limited edition prints of these works were extraordinarily successful and helped launch Neil's career as a professional artist.

"Easy Street Basin" 24x36

Neil's work has wide appeal across many collector bases. He is a celebrated member of Cape Cod art society and has shown in many galleries and museums all across New England. Far from a one-trick pony however, Neil finds inspiration in the tropical landscape as well. He regularly visits the islands of the Caribbean and finds the change in scenery a welcome break and an enlivening exercise. Known as he is, Neil has completed several commissions for large resorts and businesses there such as Sandals Resorts, Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee Co. and Caribbean Utilities Inc.

Neil lives and works in New England.

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