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Leslie Berenson

"I hope you find a feeling of peacefulness, calm and tranquility in my painting, as that is what I seek to achieve." - Leslie Berenson

Growing up, Leslie Berenson always knew she would be an artist. In fact, she exhibited in her first art show at the age of 7. Inspired by childhood, much of her work is intimately tied to her memories of growing up. She writes:

"I often reflect on those days as a young girl when I would go fishing in the early mornings and watch the sun rise and mystically flicker on the water. I loved those times when my dad and I would sit in the stillness and tranquility of day break."

It is this exact sense of stillness colored by the mysticism of childhood memory which permeates her paintings.

"Standing Out" 30x60

Before becoming a full time professional artist, Berenson worked for twenty years as a creative director. This role offered her the chance to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world and the memories of that time spent traveling influences Berenson to this day. She writes:

"I’ve directed photo shoots in some of the most beautifully inspiring and quaint places in the world. From little fishing villages all along the New England coast, to the blue waters of the Caribbean and the exotic places on the Hawaiian Islands-I have such vivid and wonderful memories."

Indeed, though impressionistic and hazy, Berenson's works exhibit a very real sense of place - that is, a place remembered, or perhaps an imagined locale made up of composites which lives only in the mind.

"Wisps of Clouds" 20x24 "Unspoiled" 36x36

Her love of the sea is at the forefront of her work, with the peace she finds out on the water shared intimately with the viewer through her typically smoky color palette and dreamy attention to line and form.Berenson's work is regularly compared to that of the Impressionist masters with a touch of magical realism thrown in. This signature style and heightened emotional connection is valued by collectors all over and has won her numerous awards throughout her career. Berenson's works are featured in many well respected private and corporate collections.

"Day Break" 24x36

Never far from the sea, Berenson paints out of two studios: one overlooking the islands of Boston Harbor, the other in Vero Beach with a clear view of the beautiful coastline of South Florida.

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