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Jeffrey Sabol

Known for his haunting, fog-shrouded images of ships at rest and his idyllic coastal landscapes, Jeff Sabol's work celebrates the peaceful joy of being out on the water.

An avid sailor since his youth, Sabol grew up at the mouth of the Housatonic River and spent his early years exploring the Connecticut coastline. These early experiences shaped the way Sabol understands, and paints, the water - a place where one can experience the world as complete and whole. His work often features the dissolution of the horizon line, a masterfully wrought reflection being the only thing to differentiate the water from the sky. Often in his pieces, the water and the sky are the main focal points, with the beautifully wrought craft being set off-center, almost serving more to illustrate the texture of the water than to serve as a focal point.

"Port Clyde" 24x36

Sabol says that his works are primarily about the interplay of positive and negative space with a focus on exploring that grey area that exists between things. He places emphasis on the formation of line and the ways in which different objects react to movement. His works play with gentle movement and the concept of stillness within it.

"Elysium and Compass Rose" 60x36

As a member of the illustrious American Society of Marine Artists (the meaning behind the letters ASMA beside the signature) Sabol is counted among the best maritime painters of the 21st century. The ASMA is known for its emphasis on education and outreach with all members being expected to contribute to furthering the organization's mission in some way.

"Peapod" 36x18

Sabol has won no shortage of recognition for his work including the Rudolph J. Schaefer Maritime Heritage Award and the Maritime Award of Excellence. His work resides in the public collection of Mystic Seaport in Mystic CT as well as numerous private collections.

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