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Far and Away - The Colorful Work of Jeanette Vertentes

"I feel there's enough negativity in the world, you don't need to have it in your home" - Jeanette Vertentes

"To and Fro" 24x30

Known for her bright colors and the depth of emotion in her brushwork, Jeanette's work is a decorator's dream. Traditional subjects from still lifes, to landscapes, to animal portraiture come to vibrant, dancing life beneath Jeanette's brush. She works in layers, each revealing, and by the same turn masking the layer beneath. These layers build upon each other to create a riot of color, as contemporary and abstracted as it is referential to the impressionists of old.

"Salt Pond Find" (30x40)

Jeanette has always maintained the importance of imagination in art - believing from a young age that if you could imagine it you can bring it to life. This philosophy is clear not only through her art but through the trajectory of her life. As a child, she trained under the artist John Lutes, a Rhode Island painter known for his landscape and maritime scenes. This experience inspired her to pursue a BFA in painting and color-theory from Rhode Island College. Upon completion of her degree, Jeanette, true to the spirit of inventiveness and the power of dreams, opened her own interior design and custom furniture company. She ran the company to great success for fifteen years before selling the business off in order to concentrate on painting full time.

"Floral Diptych (I and II)" (40x60)

Jeanette lives and works in North Stonington CT where, surrounded by her gardens and with a view of the sea, she can find endless inspiration in the natural world around her. During the summer she travels extensively to art shows around the country exhibiting her work and in the winter she can be found spreading the joy of art-making to her students. Her art is adored by collectors across the country and when she isn't painting for herself or teaching others, she is occupied with creating commissions for her many admirers.

"Through The Glass" (30x40)

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