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Daniel Pollera

Born in 1953 in Freeport New York, Dan Pollera became inspired to paint at a young age. Even when he wasn't painting Dan actively sought inspiration in the coastal landscape. In 1977 he achieved his captains license and began a career giving boat tours along the Long Island coast. It was during this time that Dan, emboldened by his experiences at sea and the landscape around him, started painting again.

Loved and lauded by collectors worldwide, Dan choses his subjects with an eye for drama and narrative, lighting his subjects as one might a film. The clarity of detail is comforting while the marked lack of any human presence allows for a close intimacy between the viewer and subject, allowing the viewer to deeply connect with the space of the painting. There is a sense of loneliness to much of Dan's work but a longing too; a wish to inhabit the magic of the spaces he creates.

Storm Warning - 24"x36"

Old Boat House - 36"x48"

Rocking Chair - 30"x40" The White Tender - 30"x30" Independence - 22"x30"

The paintings are void of people to create an intimacy between the viewer and nature which becomes thought provoking.

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