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Craig Mooney

Craig Mooney’s first art teacher was the streets of New York City where in his childhood he would spend afternoons with his father (himself an artist) learning how to make art with what could be found around them. Though Mooney would later go on to study art formally, he often cites these early artistic endeavors as the truest artistic training he ever received. After a brief career in the film industry Mooney left New York for the quiet isolation of Vermont where he can utilize the natural world as a source of inspiration for his art.

"Ridge Light" 38x38 "Island Tide" 36x60

Mooney’s paintings feature dramatic moments and engage with emotions in an expansive and expressive way. His brushstrokes are free and varied and his palette dreamy and saturated. He works primarily with figurative subjects but incorporates abstract technique, creating a dreamlike, almost cinematic, world of soft angles and bright colors. He describes his work as symbolic rather than specific - capturing the idea of a place or a moment rather than a true representation of the place itself.

"Sea Ray" 40x60"

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