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Christopher Belleau

Glassblower Christopher Belleau's studio in East Providence, Rhode Island is know across the country for the incredible variety of intricate floral arrangements they produce each year.

Belleau Art Glass has become an institution in the state of Rhode Island, presenting fantastical creations conceived of by Belleau, and executed in his studio using traditional and contemporary  glassblowing techniques to achieve unique works of art.   

Keith Cerone

Keith Cerone began working with glass in the woods of the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. Working for six glass artists in the area, Cerone was continually introduced to a wide variety of concepts and styles.  He further developed his own glass sculpting techniques at the Massachusetts College of Art, where he received his BFA in 2006. In 2012 he received his Masters Degree in Glass Sculpting from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

Cerone now lives in Boston and is a Professor at the Massachusetts College of Art. His sculptures can be found in many private collections as well as galleries throughout the country.

Jennifer Nauck

Jen Nauck's artistic range covers an incredibly broad spectrum of fine art glass. Her practice spans from abstract contemporary installation art, to the enthralling flying pigs and glass bees that have found a happy home in our windows. 

Nauck and her partner Eben Horten are both well known and celebrated Rhode Island glassblowers, and their studio in Wakefield makes them some of our most local artists - frequently our bees arrive in Newport still warm from the annealing oven! 

Bryan Randa

Bryan Randa uses both glass blowing and lamp working to create his glass sculpture and glass vessels. Throughout his work, detail and craftsmanship shine through. 

Randa is based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. His glass sculpture has been recognized by Boston Voyager Magazine, the Corning Glass Museum, the Sandwich Glass Museum, and Highfield Hall and Gardens, among others. 

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