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Denise Auger

Denise Auger began her career as a Fine Arts painter before life and her love of metals brought her to the jewelry industry, where she has  worked as a designer, wax carver and silversmith.  In 2000, she pursued her interest in bronze sculpture, becoming a conservation specialist and artist in residence at Paul King Foundry in Johnston RI.

Currently Denise lives and works in Foster RI. She continues to sculpt, and design and produce jewelry. Among others, Auger has worked creatively for Disney, Timberland and Eddie Bauer, and completed projects for The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and The Smithsonian.

Roberto Bessin

Based in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, sculptor Roberto Bessin has been represented by Sheldon Fine Art for well over a decade. Bessin is known internationally for his bird sculptures - his first larger than life heron was the first piece of art to ever be declared a building, and zoned as such, forever impacting the conversation around installation art. Since then, Bessin has worked extensively in Japan, New York, and of course, Rhode Island. 

Iris Rousseau

German sculptress Iris Rousseau uses traditional cast bronze to create stunning sculpture of the human form and animals alike. Her versatile editioned bronze sculpture complements a range of collections, from contemporary to antique. 

Iris Rosseau intuitively models her sculptures based on the classic principles of aesthetics, beauty, and harmony.

Masha Vinogradova

A newcomer to Sheldon Fine Art, Mexican artist Masha Vinogradova is enjoying her first gallery representation in the United States. Vinogradova is a Russian expat, classically trained as an artist in St. Petersburg. Russian and Mexican folk art have heavily influenced her aesthetic, culminating in magically whimsical imagery of the "walking fish" and "mermaid bust" available at our gallery.  

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