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Since childhood Shane Couch has had a fascination with the sea. It has been the inspiration behind his artistic journey. As a self-taught artist, Couch has developed the skills best suited to attempt to capture the intangible element. He works in oils, a medium he has found to both suit his personality and best represent the feeling and movement of the sea. Most of his paintings are inspired by walks along the shore when a momentary moment in time will spark his artistic vision.


Shane Couch was born in Lancashire, England and worked for fifteen years in the Aircraft industry before his family’s deep Cornish roots drew him South to the sea. Initially, yachts and yachting were his main focus of work. As a break from the historic accuracy required in his yachting work, he often creates small seascapes to loosen his artistic style. Yet over the years, his small seascapes drew a following in themselves and now are a major part of his work.


The focus of Couch’s work centers on movement, color and sense connection to a particular place, in hopes to transport the viewer to a time of good memories and warm summer days.

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