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 “As I paint at my easel each day in the studio, I approach creating art with the idea of continually developing my artistic understanding and enhancing my personal expression,” writes Sean Farrell of his philosophy of life as an artist.


Farrell, who grew up in a small town where there were few opportunities for formal art education, began drawing on his own at a young age and through intense study of the great artists he found in library books began to nurture his innate talent. He writes of his younger years, “Looking at great paintings always excited me and by visiting museums [and] studying numerous art books…I gradually began to increase my artistic understanding,” which led Farrell to teach himself to paint with oils in the late 1980’s and then eventually to attend a painting workshop in New Mexico in the early 1990’s where he met numerous professional artists, who inspired him to a full-time artistic career.


Internationally, the prestigious Florence Biennale invited the artist to participate and exhibit work in Florence, Italy. NYARTS Magazine covered the exhibition and in their published review gave the following praise to the works of Sean Farrell… “Works deserving special attention was Sean Farrell’s exquisitely painted flower and fruit arrangements. Eye-catching with his use of dramatically bold colors mixed with delicate detail in a very modern old-master style.”


Choosing to travel extensively throughout Italy and also to other regions of Europe over attending art school, the artist has studied and learned from the great master works in the history of art. His paintings reveal his affection for the 17th century Italian and Dutch painters while still remaining truly unique. Mr. Farrell’s works are distinctive for their elegant and graceful compositions, his rich jewel like color, and an elevated sensitivity to the beautiful nuances of light. His works reveal a master’s touch and a quiet ease.


Sean Farrell is internationally recognized and a highly collected artist. He is known for his vivid and luminous oil paintings, with collectors of his painting throughout the United States and in parts of Europe. 

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