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Sally Caldwell Fisher has gained international recognition with her art work due to her unique style. She whimsically portrays New England costal life with an eye looking toward the past. As an avid collector of antiques focusing on antique photographs, she finds her subject matter. She references her curiosities to make an accurate, yet jovial painting. She finds herself constantly surrounded by captivating subject matter. Her sense of humor and instinct for capturing coastal life are a joy to be held.  


Born and raised in the Midwest, Ms Fisher has always been encouraged as an artist. She was given watercolors at an early age by her mother, also an avid artist. She attributes her sense of humor to the special bond she shares with her four sisters and brothers. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1972 Ms fisher left the Midwest for the ocean. This is when she discovered the beauty of coastal New England and found her true passion; painting the ocean and all that it entails. Ms Fisher makes her home on the coast of Maine, which is a place of great inspiration.

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