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Rowenna Anderson

As a child, Rowenna Anderson was surrounded by a family of painters and craftsmen, giving her an early-developed devotion to the arts.  Rowenna’s devotion to the arts is evident, as she holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Ball University. She also studied for five years with Ruthven Holmes Byrum.

Inspired by the impressionists, but dedicated to her unique approach to form, Rowenna combines serene compositions with simply stated themes.  Her sensitively executed oils depict a variety of subjects, many with Nantucket as a recurring favorite backdrop, where the artist resided for a number of years.  Rowenna works with a limited palette and uses color to reflect light and atmosphere.  

A turning point in the artists’ painting career occurred during the decade of her life in which she lived on Nantucket Island. In these years Rowenna developed a deep esteem for the island and the many moods of its special personality. This aura of Nantucket has had a lasting influence on all of her work.

Some of her favorite themes are misty shorelines and cottages sheltered in foggy Nantucket meadows. Fields of Queen Anne’s Lace and island landscapes veiled in the haze of summer flow from her palette.

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