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Born in Nantes, France in 1954, Michel Brosseau divides his time between Brussels and Cap-Ferret, located in the Aquitaine, southern most region of France. After obtaining degrees in both law and science, he practiced journalism for a number of years until returning to what had always been a fascination for him - painting.


Brosseau’s passionate, yet minimal works don’t get lost in a multitude of styles, his approach explores new techniques and themes which represent contemporary "maritime narratives"; the sailor's perspective of a masthead framing his view of the horizon, intimate portraits of buoys, each with an intuitive sense of animated personality, single moored boats in the very process of being formed; all his work evokes the "poetics of the sea", reminiscent of the classic authors:  James Fenimore Cooper, Herman Melville, and Ernest Hemingway with a monumental style that works the paint and raw linen until it merges with his own sea eye.

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