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Maureen Golgata is a Massachusetts native whose desire to become an artist was realized at an early age. By twelve, she was admitted into the Danforth Museum of Art's human anatomy and life drawing classes, where in the studio she rendered the nude extensively, using numerous mediums and techniques.


She received her BA from Framingham State University and continued her studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC where she further explored a more complex use of paint and design. Maureen became significantly influenced by Modern art especially that of Surrealism and Expressionism and she was most intrigued with rendering directly and honestly her emotional response to the human condition. Her work was executed in mixed media on both canvas and paper and incorporated bold color with exaggerated and distorted form to convey her interpretation of the battle between society and the individual.


Rather than creating art from within exclusively, she eventually sought to  incorporate art from the visual world. Maureen spent  three inspirational years studying with master painter, Paul Ingbretson. At the Ingbretson Atelier in Manchester, New Hampshire, she worked in North light from dawn to dusk, studying the arduous and time honored tradition of the Boston School Painters. This school of painters, whose roots date back to Gerome and Atelier des Beax Arts in 19th century Paris, combine academic drawing and composition with the color and light of the French Impressionist painters.

Today, Maureen's paintings combine her reverence for nature and her connections to it with the hopes of creating an image of a fleeting moment that will connect with the viewer and evoke a feeling or thought, a universal connection.

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