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Lisa Keay-Fraser


Lisa Fraser was born in Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia in 1976. She began developing her artistic skills as a teen working with a decorative and fine artist in Cape Brenton who encouraged her to further her studies. She attended classes at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Fraser's work had evolved from painting decorative floor cloths and simple still life works to her present realist figurative paintings. Although she has been painting in oils for almost twenty years, she still considers herself an emerging artist. Having now found her artistic calling in figurative work, she has developed her studio practice from hobby to career and now lives and works in Fall River, Nova Scotia. 

She finds inspiration from the personalities of experiences with the people she paints. Everyone has a story and the artist believes it is her duty to take from the beauty and character of the story and illustrate it on canvas. Whether nude or clothed her figures are softly painted, inmate portraits. 

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