​From the time she was a little girl, Berenson always knew she was going to be an artist. As a matter of fact, she won her first art show by the age of seven. Immediately after graduating high school, she entered the Art Institute of Boston and, in that time, she received awards and high praise for her work. After graduating, Berenson began working in the fashion industry which spanned more then 20 years. She had the opportunity to direct photo shoots in some of the most beautiful places on earth- from Sedona to Hawaii to the Caribbean and Floridian Islands. Her experiences traveling are where she draws much of her inspiration from today.


As an accomplished and successful painter, Berenson's work has been compared to the impressionistic style of some of the “old masters” imbued with a touch of magical realism. Leslie’s work has been featured in numerous art exhibitions in the U.S., from New England to Florida, where she has won many prestigious awards, included in prominent private and corporate collections.


Currently, Berenson paints from two studios, one of which looks out onto the islands, surrounding Boston Harbor; and the other in Vero Beach which features a clear view of South Florida’s beautiful waters.