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Leland Brinkman

 Leland Brinkman (b. 1980) is a native Neapolitan. Self-taught, Leland has watched the Naples art community grow and change and has witnessed the local art renaissance evolve and unfold.

His influences include his father, Robert Brinkman, fellow artist Ran Adler and craftsman/woodworker Charles Goings. He has channeled these experiences and inspirations into his Alchemy series, original liquid metal art on panel.

Alchemy: a process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. Leland creates the pieces for this series by using the finest powders of iron, copper and bronze to create a cold liquid paste. This product is then combined with salt based elements to create an organic reaction and applied to the preferred medium with a single color background. All of the amazing colors in Leland’s work are created by the natural oxidation process of these metals; hence the name Alchemy. Leland is a single father to an amazing four year old daughter, Katelyn.

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