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Ken Evans is a marine and coastal artist of more than 25 years.  He is not content to paint the object but endeavors to realize the sensation or essence of each painting location or marine subject.

“ I have a strong emotional response not only to the beauty of our coastal seas, and lands, but I have also developed a deeper understanding of how these sustain us and are necessary to our lives.  As I paint I find these coastal areas particularly magnificent and inspirational.  I articulate this emotion through the liberating use of color.  This creates a presence and sense of energy in each painting that is very much a personal response to what I see and feel.”

Ken approaches a marine piece or a landscape with a contemporary boldness and freshness.   When viewed up close – a myriad of brushstrokes and edges of thick paint – but stand back a few paces and they resolve into seascapes and marine pieces with texture, mood, time and place.  By reducing the seascape and abstracting elements from it, he enables the viewers to make an interpretation of the image for themselves.”


His work is influenced by the American painter Bricher and from Streeton of Australia, yet there is a more intense but still controlled use of color and abstraction.  Along with these realist influences he has often now merged the abstract color field theory of Rothko with realist elements to form his own style. With a foundation of drawing from the University of Connecticut and abstraction from Greenwich Village, NYC, he then pursued considerable further study with John Stobart a top American marine artist teaching traditional Royal Academy techniques and Kirill Doron a former Art Institute of Moscow professor of painting teaching more abstraction.


Ken has had one person shows or been featured most years since 1989 from Newport, RI to Carmel, CA.  Recently he has been given one person exhibitions at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, where one of his paintings has been the entryway piece for years, and at the Captain Bangs Hallet House.  He has also recently had a featured piece in the “Masters of the Sea” American Society of Marine Artists exhibit at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, where he often teaches painting.  In 2015 he was in 2 of the most major Coastal Art Exhibitions in the country along with the most significant artists of the genre.  His work has sold nationally and internationally and he is widely collected around the world.

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