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 Jeffrey Terreson knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist.  Born and raised in Westchester, N.Y., and with a passionate eye for color, texture, and composition he earned a four-year Merit Scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design, where he rose to the top of his class, receiving his BFA in 1977.  After graduation, Terreson returned home to New York City to begin a career as an artist. For years Terreson painted and supported himself through his fine art illustration. His artwork was published for many Fortune 500 companies. 


After a great deal of success in the New York art scene,  Terreson decided it was time to raise his four children and take his art in a new direction.  He currently works in an abstracted representational style that embraces the textures of digital and traditional media. Terreson continues to steadily produce pieces based on his original roots as a painter, while exploring and integrating elements of mixed media.  His work is in numerous public and private collections throughout the United States, and his paintings are available in select galleries. 

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