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Hope Reis is a contemporary artist, originally from Greenwich, Connecticut. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Hope ran her own interior design firm in Stamford, Connecticut for eight years.  


In 2000, Hope relocated with her husband and two teenagers to West Palm Beach, Florida. It was then that she devoted her attention exclusively to painting.Hope seeks to combine realism and impressionism in both her floral and landscape paintings. Experiencing the actual “feel” of whatever the subject matter is the unfolding of a flower, or the texture of a summer squash. Painting from life is what really inspires her, and heightens the emotional charge and depth in her work. Whether she arranges a live floral set up in her studio, or is painting en plein air, Hope wants to capture the freshness of the flowers, or the effect of the light on the landscape. She works in either watercolor or oils, depending upon the effect she is trying to achieve.


Inspired by the richness of the work of the Old Masters, Hope’s work has a timeless quality to it enhanced by her intuitive sense about contemporary taste and color. Hope studied at the Silvermine School of Art in Connecticut, the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, and L’ecole des Beaux Arts in Montreal. She continues to travel to all parts of the country taking Master classes given by such artists as Dimitri Wright, Joe Anna Arnett, Hedi Moran, Sherrie McGraw, Robert Johnson, Jeremy Lipking, Morgan Weistling, and Scott Christensen.

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