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Henrietta Milan’s use of color and style has made her an internationally collected contemporary American impressionist. Inspired by nature’s palette and movement, Milan has mastered the difficult nuances of the palette knife to develop a technique that is self-taught and intuitive.


Born and raised in Chicago, Milan’s first passion was gymnastics. After excelling as a competitive gymnast, she went on to coach professionally for over twenty years. It was while earning extra money to take her family to the 1972 Olympics that Milan’s talent as a painter became apparent. Selling her work at local art fairs, Milan was recognized as a true talent that attracted the attention of many galleries.


Today, she is a widely respected and sought after impressionist painter. Milan’s work appears in galleries through out the United States and has avid collectors worldwide. She has been featured in more than thirty magazines and is the topic of a beautiful art book, Quiet Contentment, The Art of Henrietta Milan.

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