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Elizabeth Watson captures the raw beauty and strength of nature with every graceful stroke of her brush. Raised along the coast of the England, Watson has been wedded to the sea since birth. Countless summers were spent exploring the shore around her home and sailing with her father. These adventures undoubtedly left a lasting impression that would inspire the artist throughout her career.


As a child, she displayed great skill in the visual arts in addition to her keen interest in coastal and sea life. Yet it was not until her parents decided to move to America that her mild interest for the arts developed into a passion.  Landing in New England, Watson found a similar landscape to the one she grew up with. Surrounded by a flourishing art community, she met several local artists who encouraged her to develop the style she is recognized for today. 


Watson is most well-known for her charming portrayals of colorful little finches, hummingbirds and other flying friends who gather to chat while perched on carrot swings and in other unexpected poses.


Elizabeth Watson continues to live and paint in New England.  Her work is highly sought after by private collectors both nationally and abroad.

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