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Each one of Edwin Wilwayco’s paintings is a discovery. Each time he makes a mark on the canvas, all sorts of possibilities and problems open up to which he must find the solutions to. When he takes a brush to the canvas, one never knows exactly what the final painting will be like. In Wilwayco’s work, there is a tension which is constantly pushing itself over the edge, testing the limits of one’s imagination, in the hope of creating impressions distinctly unique and beyond anything initially expected. Within the contrast of colors and form lies the continual challenge and beauty of the act of painting.


Edwin Wilwayco was born in Guimba, Philippines on July 18, 1952. He studied painting at the University of the Philippines where he graduated from in 1972. Years later, he was awarded the British Council Scholar for Painting at the West Surrey College of Art and Design. His work is in a variety of prestigious collections including in many top hotel locations throughout Asia.

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