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“Working with oil, acrylic and pastels on a variety of surfaces (often of my own making) challenges the observer to be drawn by the warmth of tone as well as the compositional flow showing the textural surface interacting within the painting. As an artist that works with numerous mediums I feel it is important to keep a sense of adventure when painting and not try to predict too carefully the outcome. In addition, being a self-taught artist has given me the love of experimenting with techniques, materials, and the sensation in order to express all that I explore. That is when the work takes on its own personality and the artist must be prepared to respond to the happening of the finished scene.” 

–Darlene Morgensen


Darlene Morgensen works in an impressionistic style with pastels, acrylics, and/or oil on canvas or board, and paints with plenty of emotional intensity. Darlene’s complex skies and sunsets are powerful, combining strong colors with subtle, virtuoso strokes and tonal fields. She is Scot/Irish/Comanche mix, and was raised a Texan who has lived and painted in some of the most remote areas of Alaska and Washington State. The magical environments of her former homes in Alaska and the Olympic Peninsula served as rich subject matter. 


Recently, the award-winning Ms. Morgensen established a new residence on Florida’s gulf coast. The Sunshine State has brought a new dimension to her outstanding artistic talent; her paintings are rich, luminous in color, and her energy sky high.

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