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Christophe Sorenti

Originating from southern France (Corsica), I've always been fascinated by the sea and the combination of the three key elements which are water, wind and light. It gives us endless photographic possibilities, everything is constantly moving, changing, evolving, near and far. Sailing Photography started for me in 2004 with medium format Mamiya RB67 and 35mm Nikon Nikonos on the deck of the Moonbeam IV (Skipper was by Bernard Tarrès at that time) while attending my first major regattas in the Mediterranean Sea at "Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez". It's been some years now, a couple of sunk cameras, a few bumps and bruises on the Ribs, salty water in the eyes , thousands of images and I'm still burning for it. The Sea is very demanding for both sailors and photographers, a real motivation to pushing the limits when mother nature decides to challenge the human spirit

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