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“My painting is a blend of soft colors and simple skillful, free brush stokes. I work from human being’s nature and need the sunlight, air and water …which are the real elements of nature’s beauty …to stir me and give life to my brush. Open windows on your walls. Feel and enjoy the sunlight, air, and water from the windows … the walls in your house should not be naked.” 


Chloe’s passion for bringing the beauty of nature into the intimate surroundings of a home, is translated through window-settings or vistas from French doors and windows flung open with invitation. There are always generous bouquets of vibrant flowers enticing the viewer to look beyond, into the gardens or valleys of nature’s bounty. 


Chloe began her training as a child of six in China, and later majored in oil painting to acquire a B.A. in Art from the Northeast Normal University. Within a few years, she became highly regarded as a professional oil painter at the Chinese Shenjian Art Association in Beijing, soon after becoming a Council member and then the Director of the Association. 


In 1992 she immigrated to the United States, where she has continued her illustrious career. Chloe has received awards in China and recently in New England, and her paintings are treasured among several private collectors. Between 1982 and 1986 she received both First Class and Golden Awards at exhibitions of the Shenjian Art Association.

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