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Anthony Tomaselli

A Brief Statement




I like to say that I am a student of life. I've been lucky to have ventured into

the world of ART, specifically painting, where self introspection is a daily

event. I've also been lucky to have had great mentors, friends, family and

the very best partner in my life one could ask for (my wife of 36 years, Tina).

Oh, and the technical stuff; Graduated from RIC with a degree in Art,

concentration in painting, studied for two years at the Boston Architectural

Center. Apprenticed with Gene Tonoff (Art and Philosophy), and Joseph

Rotundo (Painting). My wife and I own and operate 3 T's Restaurants, I am

represented by several galleries in the Northeast, I teach, give workshops,

and presentations through-out New England. I have two fabulous children

and one granddaughter.

My greatest learning experience was packing up and leaving Rhode Island,

ready to live in California. It lasted three months. I became very

homesick...very homesick. So my girlfriend at the time flew out and met me,

and we drove home together. While leaving the Grand Canyon, I remember

telling myself that I would never do anything that I did not want to in my

life. It took me a while to understand what that really meant, but I pretty

much kept my eye on the ball...

Anthony Tomaselli

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