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Alfred Navarro Montllor was born in Alcoy, Spain in 1965. The oldest of three brothers, he has always lived an artistic life, as his father was also an artist who support him when Navarro was very young, getting him involved in artistic activities, even though in the end it was his vocation which made him dedicate himself professionally to the art world. At the age of 5, he began at the Fine Arts School painting murals, carrying out this activity until he was 8. When he was thirteen, he began to paint with oil. His favorite subjects in the beginning were florals and landscapes.


It was during the year that he spent in the northern region of Spain, serving in the military, when Navarro started to discover his fascination and admiration for the immensity of the ocean. After a short retreat to his education, he finished his economic studies and returned to Alcoy and began to paint along with his father and brother. It was then that he centered all of his effort and knowledge on painting, now based exclusively on the ocean and the sea as the main subject. 


He established his own studio in 1996, exclusively dedicating himself to his technique, incessantly looking for the realism in his paintings. Navarro tries to show the spectator a window that shows the beauty of the seas, as he perceives it; in addition he confesses that his works reflect to a great extent his frame of mind. 

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